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History and Destiny Meet – Some Wedding Thoughts

Saturday, June 21, was a great day for Teddy Huizinga and Tabitha Hindman.  They were married that afternoon.  Here’s what I said to them.

Today is a great day because it is your wedding day. Today we get to Hindman-weddingtell a story – THE story.  In the Christian tradition a wedding tells the whole story, its beginning, middle and end.

It begins in a garden where God took a man and a woman and married them himself.  Together they were made in his image, and they were a reflection of the love and reciprocity that existed in the Trinity.  That act set into motion God’s plan for man’s happiness in the sojourn of this life, and created one of the great theme’s of history.

The story ends in a city where we find that God has prepared a bride, daughter Zion,  for his Son, Jesus Christ. The last book of the Bible anticipates the wedding of the two and a great supper to follow.  Thus, our Christian faith tells that history and eternity is structured around marriage.

Marriage tells us something about the middle of the story, too.  When our Lord Jesus came to visit us, he opened his ministry with a dramatic miracle at a wedding in Cana. By it he showed us that the kingdom of God is characterized by joy and celebration, the end of which was union with God.  We are to experience God and one another with love.

Today, the wedding of Teddy and Tabitha is a telling of the Christian story writ small.   Today, you are the image of the eternal God and you are a reflection of his purposes for mankind.   Today, history and destiny meet in you.

But in our fallen estate, we do not love perfectly, and because of that you do well to take heed to St. Paul’s familiar exhortation to husbands:  “Love your wives as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for it.”  And to wives, “Honor and submit to your husbands.”  When you do these things, you will share the great joy that God has prepared as his great gift to you.