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Pre-Lenten Season – It’s Unforgiveable – Fr. John

Christians are right to be concerned with the seriousness of sin.  ButSower - van gogh what does it mean to be guilty of an “unpardonable sin?”  During the pre-Lenten season the propers direct our attention to the parable of the sower and how we respond to Jesus’ divine claims.  In this homily, offered 60 days before Easter (Sexagesima), February 8, 2015, Fr. John shows us the great dangers of persistent impenitence toward the Lord Jesus Christ.


Epiphany 2 – The Spirit of God is Upon Me – Fr. John

The baptism of Jesus is celebrated annually during the Epiphany Jesus-Baptismseason, and it is an opportunity to reflect upon and improve our own baptisms.  In today’s Old Testament lesson, Isaiah foresees the time when Messiah would be anointed to comfort those who morn and to proclaim liberty to the captives.  Jesus himself fulfilled these words during his first sermon in the synagogue.  In this homily, offered on January 18, 2015, Fr. John explores what Isaiah was talking about, and how Jesus brings in a new creation.

Epiphany 1 – Christ the Wisdom of God – Fr. Davidson

Christ, at twelve, among the doctors of the law

During the Epiphany season we hear from the Gospel lesson about Christ who, at age twelve, astonished the doctors of the law, both teaching and asking them questions.  Christ is set forth first as the Wisdom of God, well before he displays any of God’s power through his miracles.  Christians are called upon to imitate this in the epistle of the day, by not being conformed to the world, but by transforming their minds.  In this homily offered on the first Sunday after the Epiphany, 2015,  Fr. Davidson urges us towards the wisdom of God.

Christmas 2 – Out of Egypt Have I Called My Son – Fr. Davidson

God called is son, Jesus, out of Egypt.  We can only understand this when we become more familiar with Israel’s story in the Old Testament.  In this homily, offered on the second Sunday in Christmastide 2015, Fr. Davidson shows how’s Israel’s exodus from Egypt confirms the identity of the Messiah, and our own exodus from the bondage of sin.

Holy Innocents – Our National Sins – Fr. John

The Feast of Holy Innocents is an observance from which we wish 1824_Navez_Das_Massaker---wwe could turn away.  Since the fourth century, however, the Church has asked us to look.  On this day we commemorate the first martyrs of the church, to whom St. Augustine referred as the “first buds of the church killed by the frost of persecution.”   In this homily Fr. John discusses the meaning of the slaughter of the innocents by Herod in St. Matthew 2, and its application to the national sin of abortion.  This homily was offered on December 28, 2014 on the Feast of Holy Innocents.




Advent 2 – Advent Piety – Fr. John

The theme of the second Sunday in Advent is the coming of Jesus, not just in his nativity, but also in his return at the end of history.  Between these two comings, God has come to his people in other surprising ways:  in the triumphal entry, the visitation of judgment in a.d. 70, to name two.  In this homily Fr. John discusses the certainty of God’s word, and how we must “read, mark, learn and inwardly digest” the holy scriptures that provide comfort and hope to us in the present day.  This homily was offered on Advent 2, 2014.





Trinity 21 – What I Learned From the Prayer Book, pt. 1 – Fr. John

BCPLex orandi; lex credendi:  the law of prayer is the law of belief.  How we worship signals exactly what is most important in our lives.   Watch Christians worship and you should be able to discern what they believe.   Advancing this axiom, The Book of Common Prayer occupies a central place in worship in the Anglican Way.   This homily, offered by Fr. John on Trinity 21, November 9, 2014, is part 1 of a series of reflections on themes from the prayer book that inform our spiritual habits and development.


Trinity 18 – Questions & Answers – St. Matthew 22 – Fr. Davidson

At the end of the Trinity season the Gospel lessons show us Jesus in several situations in which traps are laid for him by his adversaries.  He is presented with a series of difficult questions often in difficult settings.  In the Gospel from St. Matthew 22, Jesus gives an answer that cannot be questioned, and then he asks a question that cannot be answered.  This homily was offered by Fr. Davidson on Trinity 18, 2014.

The Feast of St. Michael and All Angels – Of Men and Angels – Fr. John

Michael the archangel defeats Satan under his feet.

The Feast of St. Michael and All Angels is marked by readings and prayers that draw our attention to the work of men and angels.  Touch the Bible anywhere and you will find that it abounds with stories of angelic actions.  In this homily, offered on the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, 2014,  Fr. John talks about the relationship of men and angels and what angels teach us about serving God.


Trinity 13 – The Ideal Man – Colossians 3 – Fr. John

From the ancient Greeks and Romans, from Vitruvius to Leonardo da Vinci, the search for the ideal man has been central in the man’s quest for perfection.  The New Testament teaches that Christ is the “ideal” man, and St. Paul in particular, shows us how the resurrection of Jesus Christ implants his perfected life in us. This homily was offered on Trinity 13, September 14, 2014, and is the third in a series on Colossians.