Jan 19 – The Year of Jubilee – Fr. John

Fr. John Heaton
Fr. John Heaton

Jesus baptism preceded his announcement that he was the anointed one who came to proclaim liberty to the captives.  His baptism signaled the inauguration of the New Creation, breaking into history.  All of this was anticipated in the jubilee Sabbath of Lev. 25

Isaiah 61 is a detailed statement of the Messianic era, in which the very principle of freedom, liberty – heaven-like conditions – would arrive.

In heaven there is no debt, only the Lord’s free men;  in heaven there are no slaves, only the servants of God; in heaven, no one can be dispossessed of their inheritance. In heaven there is no sorrow, because God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.  In heaven there is no distinction of race, the nations will participate in the economy of the kingdom of God.  The coming of Messiah to earth is the coming of heaven; it is the coming of a new creation.

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